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Hi, I’m Max

I’m one of the youngest working comedians in the country 

Hi everyone, I just turned 16, but I have been making people laugh for a long time. In fact, my stage name, “Bromista,” means “Joker” in Spanish.

When I was 9, I was at a music club with my dad, and I asked if I could go on stage and tell a few jokes. The club said ‘yes,’ and so I went up and told some jokes and people laughed (you can see the video on the next page). I thought “This is great! I want to be a comedian!” It was the start of what I hope will be a long career in stand-up comedy.

My mom is a realtor and my dad is a teacher. I am fluent in Spanish, and because my mother grew up in Moscow, I can also speak Russian. This came in handy a while back when a heckler shouted out something in Spanish and I was able to fire back in Spanish. I couldn’t believe it when, right after that, another heckler yelled out something in Russian! I answered in Russian, and the audience cheered!

I do open mics to get better, but I also get paid gigs! For example I have worked at the Laugh Factory in Chicago and at Harvey’s Comedy Club in Portland. I hope you go to the “stand-up videos” page and take a look. Thank you for visiting my site!

Please take a look at some of my performances on the next page. Want to book me for a show? Please see the contact page.

Hope to hear from you!

— Max

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